"The Canyon Lake Homeowner" ... keeping homeowners informed about things that matter regarding the Canyon Lake POA
"The Canyon Lake Homeowner"... keeping homeowners informed about things that matter regarding         the Canyon Lake POA

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This site contains the opinions of homowners living in the Canyon Lake property owners association and are not affiliated with Canyon Lake, Canyon Lake Homeowners Asssociation, Canyon Lake Property Owners Association or any other entity connected with Canyon Lake. This is a private web- site  staffed by concerned Homeowners and is an effort to educate all Homeowners as to what the Board and Golfers are doing with your money. The contents of this website contain Homeowners opinions and information to the best of our knowlege. Any questionable information is either never posted or if challanged, taken down immediatly. Please contact us to take down any info you disagree with in any way or if you have any questions regarding this , please feel free to e-mail us.

Canyon Lake Homeowner

Vote yes across the Board to RECALL Eilres, Yarbrough and Gordon

Canyon Lake Homeowner offers vital support to Canyon Lake residents. We understand the importance of dignified assistance as a means of improving the environment of an entire community. We are striving to eliminate the discriminatory practices of the Board of Directors and Finance Committee. The goal of the homeowners, through this site, is to achieve permanent and equal representation for every property owner; improving the experience of property ownership and quality of life for everyone.

Chris Mitchell POA General Manager


One Director (a long time Golfer) stated 80 percent of the members do not use these facilities, she then referred to them as “the do nothings.”




Canyon Lake POA has been run by the Golfing minority interest since its inception. They have disregarded and violated our By-laws disenfranchising unknowing homeowners since 1987.  They continue to play Golf, eat and drink for pennies on their dollar while diverting the costs, we believe illegally, to the other homeowners. This has resulted in the misappropriation of millions of your dollars to cover their costs so they would not have to.


Allegedly, there has been a history of management conspiring with them to hide the costs from the homeowners under the pretext of following the wishes of the Directors. In return, management would receive generous pay raises and almost unlimited bonuses along with generous paid time off money allowing them weeks and weeks off ( 2 months ) with full pay,  max 401 K retirement money and Cadillac medical benefits for them and their families.



We are talking north of $200,000 a year! You can thank this Board for an alleged 65% increase in salary with no merit achievement benchmarks necessary! (Click on "Homeowner warned membership" link on the left) 


All these perks were set up by the previous management team with the blessing of the Golf dominated Board of Directors. This management team was fired or left their positions on their own during a rare non-Golf dominated Board of Directors. After that, the top pay was reduced to $ 110,000 per year, base. Then in 2012, we experienced the election of a Golfer minority interest led BOD again. In just a few short years, huge salaries and benefits have returned to Canyon Lake.


 Now, this Golfing minority interest that has been in control of the board since 2012, will attempt to change the By- laws so they can spend as much as they want on the Golf course.....



 Estimated to be 6- 8 million after cost overruns and unseen items, of your hard earned dollars, with less than 200 Golfers paying a sub- prime annual fee of approx. $ 1,750 ( today should be $3,750- $5,750). This is less than one- third of what they should be paying.



.....without any vote from the homeowners as required by our original and current By-laws.  We believe the new By-laws will also allow the Golf minority to raise the yearly assessment anytime they want and for as much as they want while circumventing State laws under the false pretense of "public safety" and without having to ask the homeowners.



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Its your POA, exercise your rights to



your POA by Voting.



In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor proclaimed:


"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.  A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous  gifts from the public treasury."



From that moment on,the majority always votes for the


candidates who promise the most benefits from the


public treasury,with the result that every democracy


will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy,


which is always followed by a dictatorship.



You have an opportunity to stop it by voting. Vote Yes on RECALLING all 3 Board members. 



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Canyon Lake Homeowner

***********Important Notice*************


All information on www.canyonlakehomeowner.com is fully vetted and true to the best of our knowledge. It is a compilation of 8 years of research into Canyon Lakes leadership problems and exposing the Golfers role in it . If there is any indication that any information is NOT true , that information is immediately taken down. Users of the site are encourage to e-mail the administrator if they feel any information is not true or misleading. We back up what they say with documentation, e- mails, and videos , so Homeowners can be assured what they are reading is the truth. This site was built by the Homeowners for good solid truthful information , which the Homeowners will not get from a Golfer controlled Board or POA. It infuriates the Golfers and Golfer Leadership. This causes them to make disparaging remarks but proving that we are hitting a nerve and exposing the truth.

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